Prizes & Awards

The following prizes will be awarded to 2019 Community Challenge winners.

Community Winners

  • $1,800 towards MHFC or equivalent
  • Trophy
  • School District Banner
  • Governor’s Certificate
  • Web banner and badge
  • 4 free summit registrations

Communities: Runner-up

  • Governor’s Certificate
  • Runner up Plaque
  • Web banner and badge
  • 2 free summit registrations

District Winners

  • $500 grant to put towards future health-related efforts
  • Plaque

Recognized Communities

This year, in addition to crowning Community Challenge champions, we'll also be recognizing those communities that have gone above and beyond in their efforts to engage people in their communities to get active and make healthier decisions throughout the Challenge.

In order to receive this recognition, communities must accomplish the following for each size category.


Metro Size Category

- Minimum of 175,000 points

Large Size Category

- Minimum of 115,000 points

Mid-sized Category

- Minimum of 114,000 points

Small Category

- Minimum of 113,000 points

Extra Small Size Category

- Minimum of 55,000 points

Actions Required

  • Minimum of 10 School Activities Uploaded
  • Signed Mayor's Pledge Submitted
  • Minimum of 10 Business & Organization Activities

2018 Challenge Winners!

The 2018 Community Challenge is over, but the efforts and enthusiasm put forth by last year's participants was nothing short of historical. In three short months, more than 23,500 Texans, representing roughly 330 communities, registered for the Challenge, exercised more and tracked their workouts, ate healthier, organized group and community health events and encouraged their friends, family, colleagues, and fellow community members to join them in demonstrating their commitment to healthier cities and a healthier state.

From the more than 70 Texas mayors, to the many community, school, business, local non-profit, and faith-based organization representatives, more than ten thousand participants from all over the Lone Star State stepped up to demonstrate that the health of their communities matter. We can't wait to see what we you can accomplish during this year's Community Challenge!