Support Health in Texas

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The World Health Organization states that up to 80% of a person's health status is linked to things outside of their control, like skin color, zip code and spoken language. According to the Commowealth Fund's state health scorecard, Texas ranks 42nd in food insecurity and from 2011-2019 we saw a 20% increase in diabetes prevalence, meanwhile, only 45% of adults reported their own health to be very good or excellent.

At It's Time Texas we are working to improve the health status of Texans one community at a time, decreasing community premature mortality rates while addressing the racial disparities impacting poor health status that lead to early death. Texas is a big state, with big health related problems, and it requires big-collaboartive solutions. We are working with health champions, like you, to engage local community leaders and advocates to make change possible.

We believe in the power of community, and that together, we can make change. We hope you'll join us in supporting health in Texas.