What to Expect This Year

The Challenge is back for 2021 with some exciting new upgrades. With the pandemic affecting they way we all go about our daily lives, we at It’s Time Texas wanted to make sure that you could participate safely and easily in the 2021 Community Challenge.

We are excited to announce our first ever Community Challenge app! Our new app gives you the tools to log healthy activities, set and achieve new healthy goals, find socially distanced events in your area and chances to win even more prizes, all in one place. We recommend wearing a facemask and observing social distance guidelines when competing in the Challenge. Let’s safely come together to celebrate healthy living.  

Let’s do it for our kids. Let’s do it for those who love us. Let’s do it for each other. 

How to Register

How to Register

Your commitment to your health and building a healthier community begins when you join the 2021 Community Challenge - for free.

You will receive 500 points for registering, plus an additional 250 points if you register before January 3, 2021. Points will be delivered once you download the Community Challenge App.


Select your registration Option

Want Community Challenge Gear?

Select the Registration + Gear option.
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Fill out the online form - make sure to select city you live in

Be sure to select school district, employer or create your own team if competing

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Just like the previously years, this option is free and open to everyone!

On the form you can select if you want to contribute points to your employer, school district, or even create a team of your own!

Click here to register today!

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Ways to Participate

The Community Challenge offers a variety of ways for you to compete and connect throughout the eight-weeks. We have three sub-challenges in addition the individual challenge. These sub-challenges give you the chance to contribute your points earned through healthy activities to your school district, employer or even your own team!

New this year!

Team Sub-Challenge!

We’ve added an additional way to compete this year. In the new Team Sub-Challenge, you and your friends, family, or whoever you choose can form a team to compete together in the Community Challenge!

  1. Designate a member of your team to be in charge of signing up for the Team Sub-Challenge (before anyone signs up).
  2. Make sure this team member has everyone’s email addresses.
  3. Time to register your team!
    • When your designated team member will sign up for the Team Sub-Challenge and create the Team name.
    • At this stage, your designated team member will fill out your team and input the email addresses for up to 5 additional team members.
  4. Once this team member has completed his or her registration, an email with instructions on how to register under that specific team name will be sent to all other team members.
  5. The remaining team members can then register and join your team using the instructions provided in their team invitation email.
  6. Each team member will receive an email closer to the start date with information on how to download our new app.
  7. Once the Challenge begins, you and your team members will be able to see a leaderboard of all team members, as well as a leaderboard with all of the other teams.
Back Again!

School District Sub-Challenge!

Each year, Community Challenge hosts a School District Sub-Challenge. Participating Schools and School Districts engage in a friendly competition to see who can earn the most points from healthy activities.

How it Works

  • Individuals interested in earning points to help their school win can opt-in to the School District Sub-Challenge during registration
  • When you sign up to participate in the School District Sub-Challenge, the points you earn by completing and submitting healthy activities will go towards the school district and school you select to represent when you register
  • The School Districts with the most points will be the winners for their size category
Back Again!

Employer Sub-Challenge

The Community Challenge Employer Sub-Challenge is an opportunity for employers to a build healthier culture for their workforce, while engaging in a friendly competition against other employers. Enrollment is limited to individuals who work for Employers that have signed up for the Employer Sub-Challenge.

How it Works

  • Employers who are interested in joining the Employer Sub-Challenge can visit https://itstimetexas.org/cc-employers/ to learn more.
  • Before Employees can register as part of the team, the Employer must sign on to participate
  • Employers must register by January 3, 2021 to compete in the 2021 Community Challenge.)